Friday, 4 January 2013

Sister Superior D'Ark: Retinue No2

This is a more comprehensive re-work of the figure. Starting with a sister superior with bolter and power weapon (who was an old banner bearer who lost her arm Years ago), I have removed the bolter and hand and replaced it with a power sword from the Canoness sprue. For the missing arm I used a paper clip armature and the Canoness bolt pistol and greave. Around this i have rush sculpted he sleeve of the surplice. Mainly because i am an idiot in a rush. I should have blocked it in then waited then added detail one layer at a time.

And Now Base Coated.  Done with Valejo Spray Primer Grey:

Aftter airbrushing VA:DeepSeaGreen, VMA:Light Grey; VMC:; VMC:White,   I have varied my normal Method of White, with the addtion of a GW: Nuln Oil wash at the end, then touch uu with brush applied, very thin VMA:White:

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