Saturday, 24 November 2012

Origins of the Ark Angels

+++ To: All Perceptory Level Canoness and Above...

+++ From: High Lords of Terra

+++ Subject: Data entry of Minor Order Militant for accountability and tithe.

+++ Priority: Ultra High, Immediate Action Requested...

+++ Message Type: Warp stream litho --- *Zzzt*

+++ Adept Scribe: L. Avalon -- Data storage and purging...

+++ Date begun: 999.M41 (Terminal)

+++ Brief: *crackle*

All Canoness Commanders are to announce their Orders in an orderly an timely fashion to the High Lords.
By authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, we request the following:

ORDER NAME....Order minoris Ark Angelis (Ark-Angels


ORDER MASTER.......Canoness Aria Deus

ORDER CONVENT...Convent Prioris


The Ark Angels were founded by order of Arch bishop Legius Pius of Terra.  The Arch Bishop founded the order as the militant arm of a minor order dedicated to the repair and reconcecration of relics, based on Holy Terra.
Arch bishop Legius Pius was a far sighted man whos career began with glittering promise. Even as a young legate, many claimed they could see the glimse of the Highest offcie in him.  Some even went so far as  as to say he could have gone all the way to the talk of the High Lords of Terra.
In late M41 Arch Bishop Legius foresaw a time of trouble ahead for the Imperium. He began to preach of dark times comming, when the Imperium would not only need to preserve the things they held dear, but fight to protect them, and even fight to recover them when they were lost.  Legius began to be outspoken and even obsessive on the topic.  His vision of the Apocalypse was not widely accepted at the time, The 13th Black crusade was still centuries away, the Necrons had not yet awoken, and the 1st Tyrannic war was sill 100 years away.
His opportunity to do somthing about it came when the small and unremarked shrine world of Pechersk IV was attacked by Orks. Pechersk IV was the home and shrine world of a Pronatus order of sisters, the Order of the Eternal gate, guarded by temple guards of the Order of the Sacred Rose.  When the Orks of Waaaarg GitBag, finally overran the Carmellite Monastery, in the Highlands of the third continent, the thousands of relics held there fell into the hand of the Xenos warlord.  Warboss GitBag allowed his boys to profane the monestary and its relics in the most vile ways imaginable.  The Loss to the Imperial Creed was incalculable.
 In 740.M41 he won the support in the Holy Synod to found a new Millitant Order minoris, to be known as the Ordo Ark Angelis. Their charter would be not to protect shrines, but to roam the imperium, intervening where the temple guards had failed, and act to recover relics, holy artifacts and manuscripts from the hands of heretics.
A council was convened to oversee the founding of the new order, consisting of representatives of the Echlesiarchy, Navy, munitorium and Inquisition.
A young fiery Palatine was selected from the Order of the Argent Shroud, Aria Deus, to take the role of Canoness of the New Order.  Canones was given free reign to recruit from the Orders Militant of the Convent Prioris.  Her first choice was the survivors of the battle of the Carmelite Monestary.  Many had to be recued from penitent crusades, or Repentia Squads.  Many more came from the Order of the sacred Rose, also seeking redemption for the shame of their loss of such an important site.  A small number came from volunteers from the Orders Pronatus with the Zeal and fire to crusade.

A Covenant was signed with Battlefleet Terra in return for certain secret concessions: to provide ships of the line to support and transport the Ark Angels in perpetua.  This was key to the Orders ability to fulfil its wide ranging brief.  The fleet would remain under the command of the Grand admiral, thus preserving the spirit of the decree passive.
The Ordos was to be equipt from the Forges of Jupiter.  Better known as shipyards, The Magos of Jupiter jumped at the chance to expand their production lines with patterns not ususally produced there.
The Order was finally declared ready in 741.M41, and sent to the far flung region of space known as the Damolcese Gulf, to be ready to participate in the great crusade being prepared to Exterminate the Xenos empire of the Tau.


ORDER HERALDRY... A Haloed Angel Decending on a

 ~~ Vidpic of Battlesister Armor and Livery for records ~~

Retributors of the Ordo Minoris: Ark Angels, defending Sanctuary 9000 in Tortuga Marches.

The Ark Angels livery is Pure White power armour with Silver trim, Recalling the Ordos origins in the Orders of Sacred Rose and Argent Shrowd.

Habits are coloured Deep blue, representing the endless demesnes of the Holy Emperor seen in a Night Sky.  These are often trimmed in silver or gold, with Representations of the Wings of the Imperial Eagle.

Most Equipment is of a Standard patterns for the Echeliarchy, with one exception.  The Forges of Jupiter could not source the D'iaz pattern Jump packs, and were forced to use another less well, known pattern, where the thrust is given by grav vanes, which are highly reminicent of a set of wings.
Canoness Aria Deus, with a Jupiter Pattern Jump Pack