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Conversions Old and New

Firstly I will start with an admission.  I shamelessly plunder the interwebs for inspiration when it comes to modelling.  Whn I find somthing I like I will save the Image for later.  When it comes to making a model, I will then go back through these images and seek inspiration.  Sometimes copying diresctly, sometimes combining serveral ideas into somthing new.
What I have found since comming back to Sisters of battle, is that the Soroitas blogging / website comunity that once existed, has gone.  Blown away on the hard realities of no real "new releases" since the first batch in 1997, and a series of difficult to play codexes, culminating in the disasterous 5th Edition White Dwarf codex (Which as it turns out is a good 6th Edition codex, intentional?).

So I have set out here to recify this.  This post will be to "Sowcase" (no I am not that good),  as many of my surviving conversions from over the years.  These conversions span a ten year period, with most of them being done pre 2004 and the un-inspiring re-release of sisters, which gave us Repentia (A genuine addition to the range) and Sister Imagifier1 and Sister Imagifier 2.  These like the other "new" battle sisters were horrible re-casts of someones conversion of two battle sisters, rather than new sculpts.  This process gave rise to horrible loss of detail across the model.

Anyhow here goes, first up, the very old:
Winged Canoness Circa 2003:

She started live as a Seraphim Superior, The legs are from an Eldar Swooping Hawk model, while the wings are from a Swooping Hawk Exarch.  the Surplice is Greenstuff.  This was one of the first conversions I did.  She gets no play now as Canonesses can no longer be equipt with Jump packs (and are generally crap when compared poiint for point with a Living Saint).

Next Up:
Seraphim Superior Circa 2003:
Done at the same time as the Winged Canoness, she is a Seraphim body, with Eldar bitz, The Wings are Swooping Hawk, and the Sword is Eldar (Can't remeber which model).  The arm is from a very old plastic guardian arm, with the surpluce sleeve resculpted in green stuff.  The one major Variation is that the Wings are now attached with pins and Greenstuff to a cut down Sisters Back Pack.  She also gets no play any more, as she is painted in a colour scheme I no longer use.

Then came the Witch Hunters Release in 2004.  I had bult up much anticipation, and when it came, it was disapointing.  The new Rhino's I have grown to love, but at the time, I did not like.  The Exorcist is a nice idea, but so impractical in so many ways.  The real horror was the new sisters models.  So I decided to have a go at creating my own new Models, starting with the Canoness

 Canoness Circa 2005:
 Canoness Aria Deus, is a Seraphim. Her feet were cut off and re-positioned so as to make her standing rather than waftey-floatey.  Her arms were replaced with a Demon Huter inquisitor models arms, making her then blessed weapon a Power Hammer

Her backpack is constructed from a Sister of Battle back pack with the balls cut off aand replaces with Swooking Hawk wings and fares over with greenstuff.  The Icon above her head used to be the Icon of the original, and by then oop Canoness.

To bling her up, some scrollwork was added to the backpack, she is standing on a Skull covered base and has two forgeworld servo-skulls circling her as wound markers.

These days she stands in as my Living Saint model, and goes to the table every time I play.  My regular oppositiuon have learned to hate her.

Around the Same time I decided to try and differentiate my Celestians:
 Celestian squad, To Battle! Circa 2005:
In General the Idea was to replace the ususal side balls on the power pack with a Skull from the Chaos Marine Backpack, then paint it gold.  The sister superior has since lost her back pack conversio, but had a waepon swap instead. So she is still included here.
Celestian Superior
 Her Storm bolter is a weapon swap from an old metal terminator Storm bolter.

 Then cam the Celestians.  These are all headswaps from the Sisters of Sigmar.  Not sure it really worked. Never mind.  They dont come out often.  Celetians were always a bit rubbish.  They are neither fish nor foul being equiped as shooty troops but given faith effects of assault.
Sister Celestian 1
Sister Celestian 2

Sister Celestian 3
Sister Celestian 4
 Sister Celestian 4 also has a Weapon swap.  I spent hours carefull carving out her bolter to be replaced with a storm bolter.

Sister Celestian 5
Sister Celestian 6
 Sister Celestian 6 is also has a Weapon swap. Bolter replaced with a storm bolter.

 Sister Celestian is also a Storm Bolter from Bolter, with the head swap from a Sister of Sigmar.  She has since been demoted to a Sister Superior with the Retributors.

The last model from this preiod is a Heavy Bolter Sister into a Sister Superior using hands from a Seraphim and a plastic space marine chainsword blade.  a popular conversion done elsewhere.  I have noticed recently that her chain blade has snapped after the pin ends, So it miught not be long till she has a date with the detol and a re-construction.

Sister Noviate / Priest.
 This is a Sister of Sigmar with the Canoness hand swap.  Done as part of a Mad Scheme to remove all men from the army.

Battle Sister Flamers Circa 2005

Not much here, the front of the flamers have been replaced with ones from the imperial guard flamers, and given a Pilot light.  Tubing was added to connect the flamer to the back pack.

Now for the latest stuff.
Dominion Superior 2012:

The very same Canoness who gave up her Icon for Aria Deus, gained a Chainblade from the new Canoness hand options sprue.  She now serves as a Dominion Sister superior with an anti charge, combi flamer.  First time ever I have seen a use for combi weapons.
Battle sister Imagifier 2012:

An old OOP banner bearer who had had her banner pole clipped off in the mists of time.  She had a Comms Relay added to do duty as a Similacrum Imperialis.

Retributor 2012:

The Head is non-gamesworkshop.  Its a wood elf head from I know not where.  The Reliquary on her power pack is from the Sisters of Battle tank sprue ( I Think)

Dominion Sister Infernus 2012:

Simple Weapon swap, bolter for Melta.  The melta is an old metal Space Marine Bikers Melta.

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