Saturday, 1 September 2012

Soroitas Squad Magda Veterana

Again, these Models were finished years ago.  I field Soroitas squads as infantry in blocks of 12-15, with 2 heavy weapons.  Their job is to hold the objective.  they make a tough resilient road block, and are difficult to shift.  They remain somwhat weak in close assault, but for short to medium range firepower, they are devastating.  currently they are tooled up with flamer and Melta as a multi role unit, but I am thinking of swapping out the flamer for heavy flamers.  I am near to completing my Oath of Moment, having painted the four heavy flamers I have had sitting around for years, i will be able to do this.
The Cheribum is the Faith point marker that (Under the old rules) Sister Superior Magda Veterana contributed to the faith point pool.