Monday, 31 December 2012

Third oath of moment

I, Commissar Harris of the Sisters of Battle, vow to Him on Holy Terra to paint and present at least 5 converted Sister Superiors with Power Weapons and Bolters and 2 Immolator/Exorcist conversions on or before the 31st of March, 2013. I promise to provide at least two WIP updates, preferably with pictures, in that time. I vow that if I should fail, I will provide the Bolter and Chainsword Librarium with an article and wear the Signature of Shame until my penitence period is done.

These sisters will form the basis of a special character and her retinue: Sister D'Arc. She will be used in an upcomming Armageddon campaign being run by my local club.
I plan to use the existing Sister superior models and for most of them it will be a weapon swap only, usually a bolter for a bolt pistol or a chainsword for a powersword. Some will require a more drastic chop. For these I will be using a Seraphim model. All will be unique even if from the same base model. The suad can do up to 10. But the hardest will be d'Arc herself, who i have not comitted to yet.
When not used for this they will be used as regular sister superiors
The exorcists will be Immolators with magnetic weapon mounts allowing missile pods to be added on the aide. These will come from a Valkyries missile pods with appropriate levels of sister bling added to jazz them up.
These will replace my two aging forgeworld models, ehich are in desarate need of renovation.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Aegis Defence Line

One area the codex seems deficient in is Anti-Air. Now I know there are several options to cover this off (Allies with AA, Forgeworld Fliers etc), However one of my regular opponents in particular has recently been demonstrating to me the value of an Aegis Defence line with a quad cannon attached. These are good not only if the opposition brings a flier, but fantastic against ground targets.

I dont realy want to just use the one out of the box and I'm not a fan of the "Wall of martyrs" kit. If it was modelled with dead eldar on the barricades I might consider it, but dead Cadians? I don't play Cadians. I play Adepta. I kill Eldar and Tau.

I ended up going with the Quantum Gothic walls.  I have painted them quickly to get them into games.  Eventually I will get them aged a bit more with rust streaks of the bolts.