Saturday, 9 February 2013

The First Outing Of Sister D'Ark

This was a trial Game of the Wars of Armageddon packs written by Dean Carter for the event he is planning at Tabletop Nation.  Dean was using the Imperial Guard V1 codex, and I the Imperial V1 codex.  Play testing of the Sisters of Battle D'Ark entry.

So, they deployed in 1st turn by deep strike in Drop pod and scattered into a pond.  Th Grils Jumped out and fired their bolt pistols into the block of 25 guard, Hitting once and wounding no-one.  So far so-bad.

Guard Second turn, they fired and killed two with massed las-rifle fire.

My Turn two, the advanced to Assault and fired with bolt pistols, killing one guardsman.  D'Ark Calls on the Emperors Holy Radiance (Any wound causes blindness on the unit) through faith, which fails. Then they assaulted.  Snapfire killed another three, leaving only D'Ark in the melee
Where she went on to slaughter guardsman wholesale.

Lessons learnt:
- This unit needs a flamer or two to soften up the target before the Assault.
- Holy Radience needs some clarification in the Campaign pack. It is unclear whether it is for Assault, Shooting or what.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sister D'Ark and her retinue

The first family shots of shots of sister d'Ark and her retinue. Still just iPhone photos, but needs must when the Devil drives.
They are still awaiting basing. I have a commission pending with Fantascape for more Gothic Ruins bases. I'm looking forward to that. Sister d'Ark herself is off on the right converted from a Seraphim. The rest are converted from sister superior of one model or another.
In the second picture Sister d'Ark is more in focus.
Still worikng out the blue veined marble effect. I thing i am probably not adding enough layers.
The squad gets its first outing Tonight. I even have their drop pod assembled. I suspect drop pod deployment for sisters is a *really* bad idea but you have to try these things. Perhaps inferno ammo or blessed rounds would help in the all important deployment phase. Oh well. Find out tonight.