Sunday, 5 May 2013

Penitence is the mark of the holy

Next on the agenda is three penitent engines. These models are almost as daunting in a way as the exorcist kit. They are giant walkers in the style if a crazy sentinel. Entirely made of metal, they weigh a tonne and are covered in intricate detail.
Doing the usual research on the interwebz proved fruitless as usual with sisters models. In some ways worse as not even sisters players take these.
That was till I found a website where the owner had decided to WIP a rusty penitent engine. Figuring they were mostly build cheaply, from scrap, to be cobbled together and thrown at the enemy. The salvaged and a new penitent strapped in for the fight! This gave free reign to weather the fek out if the penitent engine. Thereby bypassing the need to highlight and shade the intricate detail. This therefore became the plan:

Clean and de-spur
Some ultra detail to differentiate
Undercoat black
Airbrush all over gunmetal
Zenith highlight VMA: Aluminium
Pick out bearing surfaces and sockets on Valejo Old Gold
Apply rust solution
Rub off excess with wetted kitchen towel

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